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About Del Amigo

The School Community

The Del Amigo High School campus, located in a residential neighborhood adjacent to the north end of the San Ramon Valley High School football field in the town of Danville, ...more

Accountability Report Card

Curriculum Standards

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Del Amigo Facts

Del Amigo Facts 2017/18

Continuation public high school 10-12

Enrollment 16/17: 108     Class of 2017: 37

School Year: 4 quarters     School Day: 5 periods

Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:20

Accreditation: Western Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges

Meal Benefits Program

Faculty:    Teachers: 7     Counselor: 1     Administrator: 1     Psychologist: 1     Classified Staff: 2     Para-Professional: 1

Del Amigo received Model Continuation High School recognition from the California Department of Education in March 2006

What is an Alternative Learning Environment

Community: Del Amigo enrolls high school students who are at least 16 years of age and need support in order to get back on track toward graduation. Most students apply to Del Amigo because of ...more

Dress Standards

The primary responsibility for student dress and appearance rests with the parents. The primary purpose of school is education. Therefore, all aspects of school must be considered with that ...more

Expected Student Learning Results

Del Amigo High School will prepare its students to be:

Academic achievers who:

Understand, interpret, analyze and paraphrase a variety of written materials.

Perform computations and solve mathematical ...more

Courses Offered

Del Amigo Courses

  • English 9-12
  • Algebra I, Personal Finance
  • World History, US History, American Gov’t, Economics
  • Biology, Physical Science, Psychology, Health
  • Culinary, Art, Woodshop, Hospitality
  • Resource/Tutorial
  • Work Experience
  • Mythology
  • Music

Students Agree

Students agree that success at Del Amigo is defined by
   • Going to class on time
   •Respecting oneself, peers, and staff
   • Feeling respected within the community
   •Cooperating with other students in
     classrooms to stay on task
   • Being productive and staying focused
   •Choosing self-discipline
   •Creating positive role models and
     developing leadership skills
   • Being trustworthy people

Attention Del Amigo Alumni

ATTENTION DEL AMIGO ALUMNI: We would like to extend an invitation to our alumni who would like to speak with our students regarding their post-graduation education and career path. Hearing from former Del Amigo students who are “making it” in the real world can be motivating and inspirational. If you are interested, please call Amy Gillespie at 925-855-2600.