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Reporting Student Absence

Reporting Student Attendance (recorder) 925.855.2698 

Main Office Number 925.855.2600 

Students and their parents are responsible for attendance. Parents should be aware of the revenue loss to the district due to prolonged or frequent illegal absences. Parents and students should be aware of the attendance policy and adhere to the attendance rules and regulations. Students shall attend and be punctual to all classes and activities to which they are assigned. Absences and tardiness are detrimental to student learning and increase the possibility of failure. The following policies and procedures are designed to prevent these occurrences and increase every student’s chance for success.

FULL DAY Absences

All absences must be cleared within 2 school days and must be legal as defined below.

  • 1. Give the date of absence
  • 2. Spell the student’s first and last name.
  • 3. Give the reason for the absence.
  • 4. Identify yourself.

PARTIAL DAY Absences (When arriving late)

When arriving late the absence must be cleared within 2 school days by the parent/guardian. Students need to sign in at the Attendance Office. A doctor note is required within 2 school days if the student was at a medically related appointment.


Whenever possible, appointments should be made outside of school hours.

  • 1. The student must obtain a permit to leave campus prior to leaving.
  • 2. In order to obtain a permit, call the Attendance Office and leave a message 12-24 hours prior to the appointment. At the very latest notify the Attendance Office by the morning of the day of dismissal so that the permit will be ready for student pick up.
  • 3. Students may not leave class to obtain a permit and must do so before school, during brunch or lunch.
  • 4. The student must present the permit to the classroom teacher in order to leave during class. Students will not be excused without a permit to leave campus. 
  • 5. The Attendance Office cannot call the classroom if a student needs to be dismissed. In the event of a family emergency, an administrator will coordinate the student’s dismissal.
  • 6. Anyone reporting such an absence after the fact will be issued an Unverified Absence (cut), regardless of the reason. No exceptions.
  • 7. When returning to campus the same day, return to the Attendance Office for a permit to re-enter.
  • 8. If the absence is due to a medical appt. (doctor, dentist, lab, PT, etc.) a note from the doctor is required within 2 school days to clear the absence.


  • Absences may ONLY be cleared by a telephone call personally made by the parent, guardian, or person listed on the emergency contact list. Calls made by the student or persons not authorized to clear a student’s absence violate rules for attendance clears and may result in student disciplinary action as determined by an administrator. The office does NOT accept notes, only calls.  
  • If a student feels ill at any time during the school day, he/she must come to the Attendance Office and get permission to leave. Students must be issued a permit to leave campus.  

EXCUSED (VERIFIED) ABSENCES: The following are the acceptable reasons for a student to be absent from school according to California Education Code:

  1. Illness
  2. Medical appointments
  3. Funeral Services
  4. Approved School-Related Activities
  5. Court Appearances
  6. Observation of Religious Holidays
  7. Employment Conference (requested by parent)
  8. Family Emergency
  9. Pre-informed Absences of 5 days or more (independent study contract needed)
  10. Suspension

MAKE UP WORK – Verified Absences: Student must make arrangements with teachers to make up work due to legal absences. Make up policies may vary from teacher to teacher.

UNEXCUSED ABSENCES/VERIFIED: (NOT an EXCUSED absence per state education code) – these are absences where the parent has notified the school of their student’s absence however the reason does not qualify as excused under California Education Code. These absences are subject to the School Attendance Review Board process.

  1. Absences of a personal nature (car trouble, overslept, family vacation, etc.)

UNEXCUSED ABSENCES/UNVERIFIED (CUTS): Parent has NOT contacted the school regarding their student’s absence.

  1. Leaving without prior parental permission called in to the Attendance Office
  2. Illegal phone call
  3. Failure to clear an absence within 2 school days of returning to school
  4. Failure to obtain permit to leave early