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Ron Siemens


I have been volunteering at Del Amigo for over 17 years. I attended Humboldt State University and graduated from UCLA. After a 30 year career with International Business Machines (IBM) I looked for activities where I could stay challenged, find enjoyment and “give back” to society that had treated me and my family so well. My wife, Karin, and I raised two daughters who are successfully “launched” and have families with our FOUR grand-boys. Currently, I play in two community bands, plus a Tuba Ensemble, drive a Meals-on-Wheels route once a week and am the “fix-it-man” at the Animal Rescue Foundation Thrift Store.

I started my work at Del Amigo in the Math room. At the time, they used work books and I helped those who got “stuck”. After the conversion to Computer Aided Instruction I moved to the Economics class where I try to share my experience as a businessman, investor, parent and problem solver. I talk about: getting a job, renting an apartment, credit scores, budgeting and investing what you save…the practical application of Economics. My biggest thrill is when a student, who is about ready to go out into the “big “world, indicates that they “got the message”.

Dr. Jim Felton

J Felton

Since retirement, I have served on the Board of Save Mt. Diablo (East Bay Land Trust), taught numerous courses on cancer and biotechnology at CSU East Bay for the Osher Life Long Learning Institute, volunteered in the science class room at Del Amigo High School, Danville, grown and produced award winning wines and given numerous community talks on the role of diet in cancer.  I was most recently employed as a Senior Biomedical Scientist- Retired (LLNL) and Assoc. Dir. for Cancer Prevention and Control (UC Davis Cancer Center) retired.  I was the Deputy Associate Director for Biology and Biotechnology at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2001-2004).  I was on staff at LLNL for 32 years in various positions.  I also was the Associate Director for Cancer Control (9 yrs) at the University of California Davis Cancer Center (2001-2010). I received my AB in Zoology at UC Berkeley and my Ph.D. in Molecular Biology at the State University of New York, Buffalo.  I did my postdoctoral training from 1973-1976 at NIH in NICHD under Dr. Daniel Nebert.  I served as Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Natl. Farmers Pesticide Health Study (NCI, NIEHS, EPA and NIOSH sponsored) for 10 yrs., member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Carcinogen Assessment Committee, State of California Proposition 65 Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act for 15 yrs, and member of numerous editorial boards.  I have been on the Board of Scientific Counselors, NCI Div. of Cancer Etiology, and member and chair of many NIH extramural review boards relating to RO1s, R03s, PO1s, and training grants.  In 1999 I was President of the US Environmental Mutagen Society.  I have published more than 220 peer reviewed articles related to the etiology of cancer and I have 3 patents related to low level measurement of isotopically tagged chemical carcinogens and 1 patent related to molecular imaging of cells.  My 15 years as PI of a PO1 on cancer etiology with emphasis on mutation and cytogenetic damage and repair gives me a solid cancer etiology background.  This coupled with my interest in chemical analysis has led to important discoveries about the mutagenesis and carcinogenesis of well-done cooked food.